Management & Professional Development

Customized training programs will enhance employees’ knowledge,
skills, and abilities

Providing targeted training can be a more cost-effective solution than hiring new employees.

At 7Sparx™, we are prepared to meet your specific requirements and desired learning outcomes.

We customize learning courses and programs to align with the teams and organization’s unique learning and training requirements. Prioritizing core humans’ and professional needs is at the center of our approach.

When developing and integrating training content, we address the pressing issues that learners face in today’s digital age. Our approach ensures that the training content is relevant, impactful, and tailored to meet learners and organization’s specific needs.

By leveraging our extensive expertise in designing and developing professional training programs, our learning advisors are well-equipped to design and develop diverse learning subjects and programs.

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Training Design & Development

Everyone learns differently!

Engaging, interactive and personalised learning experiences designed to cater all 7 learning styles

learns differently!

Learning and development solutions

Learning Program

As per customer goals, we develop comprehensive learning programs consisting of several learning courses. We align as per your specific learning objectives and overall program’s outcomes by designing cohesive programs.

Learning Course

We help clients when there is a need for specific learning courses. We prepare that by focusing on achieving specific learning objectives and goals for a single course with a rapid turnaround time.

Rapid Learning

7Sparx™’s rapid learning services are tailored to your needs and deadlines. We will convert contents assets of various forms into Learning courses that are engaging, and immersive with the latest trending styles.

Instructional Design

Our custom-tailored training solutions are crafted to effectively tackle the unique challenges encountered by the enterprise

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7Sparx approach to custom-tailored
learning and training programs

1. Understanding: Our initial Training Needs Analysis (TNA) will allow us to gain valuable insights into goals, priorities, focus areas, challenges, and gaps. This effort will empower us to identify areas that require improvement and determine the necessary next steps.

2. Asset review: Our learning advisory team will evaluate the existing training assets and identify any legacy assets or areas that may be lacking.

3. Addressing your challenges: The learning advisory team will identify challenges and gaps related to learning and development to ensure that no important aspects are overlooked.

1. Outcome planning: Starting from the initial conversation, we consider the metrics that the training can influence. Our primary focus is the expected business outcomes, results, and behavior change metrics.

2. Learners personas: Our analysis focuses on essential criteria, placing particular emphasis on learner-centricity. This involves leveraging learner personas to identify shared characteristics, core competencies, and variations among the targeted roles.

3. Assets evaluation: Our analysis also evaluates the current content lifecycle and maintenance plan for training and learning assets. Additionally, our team will examine communication methods and explore opportunities for improvement.

1. Output review: This section constitutes the central part of the strategy review. Here, the team will provide a summary of the findings and an assessment of the current situation. Subsequently, the team will offer their observations and recommendations for the future.

2. Solution design: The team will present a comprehensive program / curriculum / course design that outlines recommended topics, levels, modalities, and timing in addition to a content maintenance plan to maintain effectiveness over time.

3. Learning paths: The team also will develop learning paths for each role, which may include suggestions regarding badges and certifications if needed.

4. Strategy recommendations: The strategy will offer clear recommendations for training design and development, using an approach that allows you to begin at any stage.

Key Features

SAFe® Coaching Program

Customizable Solutions

We reject the notion of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We invest time and effort to deeply understand the intricacies of your business, allowing us to craft customized training programs that genuinely cater to the distinctive requirements of your organization.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Maximizing ROI

Our custom training solutions incorporate a strategic framework, streamlined content creation techniques, and advanced technology to deliver scalable and tailored training that guarantees a return on investment for your training efforts.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Cost reduction

Through our Learning modernization techniques, we can update and enhance existing learning content if necessary, and ensure its relevance and currency. This approach can result in significant cost savings.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Drive custom requirements

Our tailored learning content delivery aligns precisely with the specific learning and training needs of the organization.

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