Content Creation & Curation

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Developing valuable content takes work! At 7Sparx™, our learning advisors do extensive content research across various sources, topics, and institutions and leverage innovative methods to design and develop training tailored to organization’ specific needs.

Our goal is to provide informative, engaging and long-lasting impactful content that is easy to understand and comprehend. We prioritize needs, usability and flexibility, so learners can tackle any learning challenge effectively.

Content creation vs. content curation

Content creation involves designing and promoting one’s unique and original learning material. However, content curation involves systematically discovering, gathering, and selecting pertinent content and presenting the most valuable learning materials to a specific audience in an organized manner.

Content Creation & Curation

Stay ahead of the competition with our innovative custom content services

Rapid Content Development (RCD)

With agile-driven Rapid Content Development (RCD), we create iterative designs and convert various reusable customer assets into usable learning materials.

Knowledge Generation

Through knowledge generation, we review existing literature, conduct surveys or interviews, and analyze data to identify trends and patterns.

Course & Classroom Content

We conduct thorough research and gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, allowing us to create courses and classroom material that effectively assist learners in acquiring the essential skills and knowledge.

Virtual Training Content

We utilize custom PowerPoint presentations, training guides, virtual training labs, and recorded materials to create compelling content for virtual training.

Content Creation & Curation

A wide range of learning content development solutions

eLearning Content

We provide cost-effective and customized eLearning content development solutions that can quickly scale to meet the specific needs of a growing organization.

Instructor-led Content

We facilitate course development for instructors, whether online or in classrooms, enabling real-time interaction and feedback.

Social Learning Content

We develop content specifically designed for social learning environments, encouraging collaboration, fostering discussions, and actively engaging learners with the material.

Micro-Learning Content

We specialize in developing concise and on-demand micro-learning content, offering short lessons that enable quick and efficient learning.

Content Creation & Curation

At 7Sparx™, we deliver content that embodies the following qualities;


Our objective is to present content that is clear and understandable to help learners comprehend and retain information effectively with lasting effects. Learners will be able to actively engage with the content, forging meaningful connections between concepts, and translating their knowledge into practical applications.


The content we provide is relevant and applicable to the learners’ learning needs, objectives, and interests. When learners encounter relevant content, they gain a clearer understanding of the value and purpose behind their learning, fostering a stronger connection with the subject matter.


We aim to deliver content that is insightful, high quality, accurate, timely, and complete. Learners will have the opportunity to leverage and apply their newfound knowledge to real-world situations, experiencing a profound sense of accomplishment and satisfaction throughout their learning journey.


We develop customized content that is specifically tailored to accommodate the unique learning needs of the learners and preferences of each organization, guaranteeing optimal learning outcomes.

Key Features

SAFe® Coaching Program

Our People

Our team of highly experienced learning advisors possesses industry expertise and certifications that enable them to develop training content solutions tailored to businesses operating across diverse industries.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Customizable Solutions

In our Learning development team, we reject the notion of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We invest time and effort to deeply understand the intricacies of your business, allowing us to craft customized learning content that genuinely caters to the distinctive requirements of your organization.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Attention To Detail

We know that the secret to success lies in the details. With our keen eye for creativity and small nuances, we optimize learning content to create an engaging and effective user experience.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Drive Custom Requirements

Our tailored learning content delivery aligns precisely with the specific content needs of the organization.

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