SAFe® Certification

Exploring the benefits of SAFe® certification: Is it worth your consideration?

Being certified in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) validates one’s proficiency and expertise in Agile,
especially when it involves significant scaling digital product development environments.

SAFe® is a well-established framework for achieving success, with 53% of the surveyed enterprises adopting SAFe® as their preferred Agile framework.

Being certified in the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) validates one’s proficiency and expertise in Agile, especially when it involves large-scale digital product development environments.

SAFe® is a framework that helps scale Agile practices, aligns with business objectives, and enhances time-to-market speed. Additionally, SAFe® provides a comprehensive set of principles.

SAFe® Overview

The SAFe® overview provides a simplified understanding of the Lean Enterprises Framework’s Seven Core Competencies and their twenty-one dimensions, which together enable and enhance business agility.

SAFe® Implementation Roadmap

The SAFe® Implementation Roadmap offers a strategic overview and a well-sequenced set of milestones and certifications that are needed for successfully implementing SAFe® in the enterprise.

Typical results reported by enterprises using SAFe®


Faster time to


Increase in




Happier and more
engaged employees

SAFe® Training Programs

We deliver our programs leveraging 7Sparx learning styles with book knowledge, valuable exercises,
hands-on coaching workshops and guidance that bring real value to each trainee, team, and organization.

Our training programs cover three levels – individuals, teams, and enterprises – providing comprehensive training solutions to all.

Individual level

The individual is at the center of agility. Our coaching and training methods guarantee a clear understanding of the core principles of SAFe® and Agile mindset among all participants.

Team level

Our SAFe® training program enables teams to gain knowledge & learn how to use their ability & effectiveness to achieve the team's business objectives and goals. We believe trainees need to know how to collaborate with product stakeholders to succeed within a project's interconnected responsibilities and Agile roles. The focus is empowering and motivating individual team members while keeping a long-term vision in mind.

Organization level

Our SAFe® training program focuses on Agile leadership, applying Agile principles and practices to lead the organization. It is an evolving approach to leadership that focuses on engaging and supporting people in an environment of continuous change and adaptation.

Explore SAFe® courses and take your skills to the next level
SAFe® has become the trusted choice for 70% of fortune 100 companies.

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 Professional Services

Individual and Group

 Drive Success with SAFe®-Based Personalized and Group Coaching Services.

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Individual and Group

 Achieve Mastery with SAFe®-Based Professional Mentoring Program Services.

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Enterprise Agile

Gain Insights with SAFe®-Based Enterprise Agility Assessment Program.

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Experience Matters

7Sparx™ is equipped  with the right resources to fast-track SAFe® adoption at the enterprise level. Across various industries, we have trained and supported SAFe® implementation in different contexts. We firmly believe that experience matters, and our team of experienced SAFe® consultants (SPCs) at 7Sparx™ is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

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See what trainees say about us

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