Bespoke Agile leadership enablement for individuals and teams

At 7Sparx, we provide business agility consulting and programs that cater to specific organizational needs and learner requirements, leveraging 7 learning styles to bring real value to each trainee, team and organization.

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Delighting Customers and Students


Delighting Customers and Students

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Equip your team with Agile leadership training to unlock efficiency, foster collaboration, and drive innovation

Customized Business
Management Programs

We aim to deliver business outcomes through research-based training solutions. Our efforts are prioritized to enhance employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities, leading to higher business value and profitability.


Scaled Agile (SAFe®)
Certification Training

Our primary goal is to deliver effective and engaging SAFe® training experience to every participant. We focus on offering public and private training courses that include valuable hands-on exercises, expert coaching, mentoring, and career path guidance that unlock the potential of SAFe values for every participants.


Agile Transformation
Coaching & Mentoring

We empower individuals and teams in SAFe® implementation and product through coaching and mentoring. Our experienced SAFe Practice Consultants are entrusted with the delivery of best practices, guidance, hands-on learning and knowledge leveraging their extensive field experiences.


Getting ahead with custom-tailored training courses and programs

Our goal is to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve a measurable impact and drive their transformation through customized and targeted learning and training.

Through a discover-plan-design-develop approach, our training consultants will work closely with your team to define a training need analysis and a training strategy to ensure that our programs are delivered to meet the set objectives and goals.

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SAFe & Agile Leadership Training

Empower your team through SAFe® 6.0
certification training

Our SAFe® Practice Consulting Trainers (SPCs) will help you determine the best approach to be a true Agilest through book knowledge, sharing field experiences, hands-on exercises, and coaching so you are effective in your Agile role. Our SAFe® Practice Consulting Trainers  (SPCs) will provide you with Agile career guidance and advise you on skills and knowledge-gain opportunities in SAFe® that best help you in your agility journey.

Boost your Agile journey with coaching
& mentoring bootcamps

Learn through applied learning with the help of our SAFe® experts. Our SAFe® Practice Consultants and Coaches will partner with you to guide you on how to put SAFe® values and principles into practice. Our SAFe® Practice Consultants and Coaches will assist you in adopting best SAFe® practices that will help you in your journey of implementing SAFe® at your job.

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