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For several years, 7Sparx Experts have been working with customers, gathering data, listening to learners and overlaying these observations with our
own insights, to understand how we can empower organizations, support business leaders, and motivate learners. The result is not an off-the-shelf
training or advisory work, but rather it is an effective, practical, customizable approach to learning & advising delivered through a combination of
traditional & advanced methods coupled with the highest quality of content and unparalleled levels of personalized support.

Agility, Management, and Analytics will empower Your Organization.
We Offer Tailored Solutions to meet your Needs.

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What We Do

7Sparx is Boutique Marketplace for Training, Consulting, and Talent services to support global clients in their digital and agile transformations initiatives. Since we were founded in 2010, we provided business & management trainings to help our clients reap the benefits of digitalization and agility across all organizational levels.


Business Dynamics are Changing, Accelerating
and Becoming More Complex Than Ever.

Improve Individuals and Teams Business Management Performance.

Empower Leaders To Make Informed Decisions Through Data Analytics

Become Agile Organization and Deliver Continuous Value to Your Customers.

Learning Services


Our learning experts can help you determine what skills and knowledge gain opportunities in Agile, Management, data, and how best to address them. Our training experts will recommend learning strategies and certification roadmaps to achieve learning goals efficiently.


We work with your team to capture, curate and transform your raw contents into structured training-ready knowledge collaterals and delivery materials like scripts, assessments, infographics, animations, videos and more.


We leverage a proven Instructional System Design processes, and work closely based on customer desired training outcomes. Our instructional design experts can develop digital learning that is engaging and rewarding.


Our Marketplace provides ready training and videos for easy access, quick learning. Yet, we provide customized educational services that include programming, graphic & animation design, voice-over as needed. We build and maintain LMS-ready educational videos and presentations.

Training Courses

We work closely with certification authorities and partners to provide the highest quality of training and education.
A training need analysis is always in place which leads us to better advise of what training our customers really need.

In these training, professionals will gain the knowledge necessary to lead an Enterprise Agile Transformation by leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework, and its underlying principles derived from Lean, Agile development, systems thinking, and product development flow.

In collaboration with Institute of Certification Professional Management, we provide the ICPM’s management certification programs that focus on developing individuals core competencies for high performance in today’s modern, digital, and agile workplace. 7Sparx provides businesses with two certification training options,

For Enterprise businesses and organizations trying to identify employees with the ability to manage their business, the need to gain fundamental management skills is critical. By leveraging 7Sparx customized management trainings, organizations can enable to their current management staff to achieve their full potentials. 7Sparx offers the followings management trainings.

7Sparx Data Science training programs can be customized for your project and deployed to kick start your Data Science journey and team assembly.

Our Differentiators

Speedy Development

Provide valuable knowledge to your learners on-demand.

Bespoke Delivery

Customized solutions to reach learners anytime, anywhere and any place leveraging multiple media formats.

On-Demand Knowledge

On demand means variety, value, and timing to quickly advance your learners knowledge, cut cost, and increase productivity.

Accredited Instructors

Our highly qualified and experienced experts were chosen as being the best in the industry with cross-domains knowledge.

Talent Management

We can help you develop talents in your organization and create a sustainable management structure for success.

Cooperative Atmosphere

Collaboration is key for success. We foster a cooperative & supportive environment as part of our teaching process.

Custom Education

Personalized and customized learning in our dynamic business environment are key for successful business outcomes. One-size-fits all does not work these days.

Engaging Learning Experience

We create an environment for participants to challenge, question, learn through interactive sessions and practices.

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Ahmed Al-Hossany
Operations Manager

“We would like to sincerely thank you for all the efforts and the patience you have shown in transforming us by further building our management knowledge and skills and enhancing our managerial capabilities into a responsible and focused leader of the team. Your untiring energy and professional way in dealing with us drive the success of this training”.



Cornelia Germishuizen
Clinical Documentation Specialist

“You are perhaps the best speaker I have ever heard – and I’m not alone in my sentiments. I’m sure you are destined for international success. Farrah chose a specific topic to focus on which was relevant to our business. Her examples covered both patients and services rendered. Excellent presentation and very relevant. Farrah is a confident and poised presenter. She walks the talk and then explains and engages so that, by the end, you feel you know everything.”

Hamad Medical Corp


Claudia Arnold-Sawaf

“ I had a very interesting and informative session with Ms. Farrah… She covered all the topics in a knowledgeable manner,  and made sure that the sessions are interesting, interactive and also ensured that we were able to grasp the concepts. She brought a tremendous valuable knowledge to our team and company“.

Sawaf Financials

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Our Instructors helped over hundreds of professionals at many companies improve on their business management capabilities across many industries. Let us help you.

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As you gain knowledge in your business management Journey, a lot of questions will arise. Our experts can help you navigate through the challenges of determining the best approach that will give the business outcomes that your organization is looking for.

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