Agile Consulting Services

Achieving speed and scale in Agile transformation can be challenging

Our SAFe® Practice Consultants stand ready to support your efforts in SAFe® Implementation.

Scaling challenges arise as businesses grow and more teams try to adopt an Agile mindset.

Managing interdependencies between teams for incremental delivery.

Increasing value and quality of delivery.

Aligning product decision-makers with the Product Owner.

Leveraging the existing stable hierarchy for continuity.

Passing on the product vision across the teams.

Providing leadership with a viewing mechanism.

Synchronizing and integrating incremental delivery.

Aligning enterprise with teams’ level.

Integrating with existing or legacy Processes

Agile Consulting Services

By tapping into our SAFe® expertise, you will gain insights and identify multiple areas for improvement to successfully achieve your SAFe® implementation objectives.

We aim to deliver a comprehensive assessment, training, coaching, and advisory support that facilitates the successful and sustainable implementation of SAFe® best practices. Our objective is to assist organizations in streamlining their Agile processes, optimizing resource allocation, and minimizing waste, ultimately helping them achieve their business agility goals.

We work closely with the teams to have a holistic understanding into what, how, when, where and who is needed for the success of SAFe® implementation.

We provide business agility services that create results!


Asking the right question is essential

At our core, we value meaningful conversations. We ask direct and thought-provoking questions to gain a complete understanding of client’s agility initiatives, plans, and the metrics for success.


Taking care of the details.

Our team will simplify the Agile improvement journey, and will handle complex and administrative issues as needed. We keep moving forward with ease!


Handling the unforeseen.

Team changes, budget cuts, and scope adjustments are the norm.  it is not just about offering SAFe® SPCs. We support our customers end to end to help them achieve their ultimate goals.


Hitting the ground running.

We strive to deliver precisely what our clients require by providing experienced SAFe® Coaches who are fully prepared to meet the expectations.


Uncompromised quality at speed.

We will introduce the most promising SAFe® Practice Consultants candidates who are confident in their ability to deliver excellent results.


Unlimited commitment to success.

Our SAFe® Practice Consultants candidates will work diligently and will go above and beyond to help the client achieve the expected business outcomes.

Let’s Get Started!

Boost your team’s performance by fully embracing agility.

7Sparx™ SAFe® Practice Consultants will provide valuable insights into your company’s level of Agile maturity through a two-phased approach. This assessment will enable you to create a clear and actionable plan for execution.

 Assessment and strategy

We offer an initial SAFe® readiness evaluation that helps teams and organizations with their strategic efforts for successful SAFe® implementation.

We will assess the current agility state and suitability of SAFe® adoption and its impact on organization’s programs or projects at hand. Based on such assessment, we will determine readiness for SAFe® adoption and decide on the best implementation approach. We will follow with an optimal strategy for adopting SAFe® successfully.

At 7Sparx™, SAFe® assessment will involve:

  • Establishing mutually agreed expectations and objectives for the assessment at the team, project, and organizational level.
  • Conducting a survey using  SAFe® Assessments Tools to seek feedback from respondents in the target area, covering roles, teams, communication, collaboration, reporting, culture and other Agile related activities and metrics.
  • Conducting on-site series of meetings between 7Sparx SAFe® Practice Consultants (SPCs) and stakeholders to further understand and assess pain-points, gaps, and opportunities for improvement across several dimensions like teams , processes, resources, and agility practices as a whole.
  • Generating  SAFe® assessment and strategy reports.
SAFe® Consulting Services

Regular and systematic assessment and coaching can support organizations in achieving organizational agility and effectively adopting SAFe® practices. Making this investment will yield long-term benefits and results.

 Coaching and mentoring

As a follow up from Assessment and Strategy, 7Sparx™ SAFe® Practice Consultants will initiate the implementation / coaching plan and work closely with the teams toward sustainable and successful SAFe® implementation.

At 7Sparx™, SAFe® coaching and mentoring will involve:

  • Initiating the agreed course of actions based on the approved implementation strategy.
  • Conducting a series of  SAFe® training and related workshops to have deep insights into improvement opportunities.  
  • Meeting with teams at regular intervals, understanding issues at hand and providing guidance.
  • Attending Agile ceremonies and planning meetings as needed, and providing feedback to the individuals and teams.
  • Coaching and mentoring individuals and teams as required based on periodical assessments.
  • Providing  periodical leadership updates, receiving feedback to adjust strategy & tactics.
  • Surveying & assessing teams regularly as needed in live sessions, have feedback, and provide periodic guidance.

We will continuously monitor and adjust your team’s progress, recognize and address weaknesses, pinpoint improvement opportunities, and adapt your plan accordingly.

SAFe® Consulting Services
SAFe® Consulting Services


At 7Sparx™, we are dedicated to providing our clients exceptional value and benefits.

Implement Agile metrics and gain insights for continuous improvement.

Identify opportunities to improve within your Agile team and organizations.

Improve teams’ efficiency and velocity for continuous delivery of business value.

Align your teams’ members and bring everyone on the same page.

Enable your team members to take ownership and higher responsibilities.

Re-shape your product team work culture by implementing Agile principles and practices.

Experience matters!

7Sparx™ is a Scaled Agile Silver Transformation Partner and equipped with the right resources to fast-track SAFe® adoption at the enterprise level. Across various industries, we have trained & supported individuals going through SAFe® implementation in different contexts. We firmly believe that experience matters, and the team of experienced SAFe® Practice Consultants (SPCs) at 7Sparx™ is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


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