Professional Development

Professional Development can help you foster leadership skills at multiple levels at speed.

In today’s competitive global market, companies prioritize “time-to-proficiency” concepts where speed in training and learning matters.


Our goal is to help trainees and organizations achieve a measurable impact and drive their transformation through customized and targeted learning and training. We offer tailor-made professional development courses that prioritize human-centered personal growth, and business improvements  which can lead to transformative changes both at the individual and organizational levels.

Professional Development

At 7Sparx™, customized business and soft skills training can help
organizations to develop a workforce that is skilled, engaged,
and motivated to achieve organizational goals

We aim to ensure that employees receive training that is relevant and applicable to their work.

Our training courses are focused on developing the skills and knowledge that employees need to perform their jobs effectively.

We focus on customized training solutions that can help to increase employee’s engagement, productivity and efficiency.

We provide custom training that is relevant and applicable to employees’ work needed for organization’s success.

Our training solutions are centered on human needs in order to nurture professional talents,  increase personal fulfillment, and motivation.

Investing in business and soft skills training for employees can result
in a wide range of benefits for both employees and organizations,

Improved Employee

According to a survey by Udemy,
80% of employees saw a 21%
increase in productivity.

Increased Employee

A study by Gallup found that 63%
of employees are more likely to
be engaged in their work.

Higher Retention

According to LinkedIn, 94% of
employees would stay at a
company longer if it invested in
their career development.

Improved Financial

A study by the American Society
for Training and Development
found that companies have
24% higher profit margin than
those that did not provide
employee training.

Our team aims to design and develop every training course, which not only transforms lives
but also creates a measurable and sustained business impact.

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Our customized training programs are delivered in private to enterprise
customers through a simple process;

Discovery & Insights

To begin, we will clarify customer’s priorities. During this phase, we aim to uncover what lies at the core of your business objectives, and use that as a fundamental source of motivation throughout the professional development  journey.

Planning, Design & Delivery

Our professional development training framework provides the customer with the power to tackle the challenges and capitalize on opportunities through a range of training paths and formats that are personalized, contextual, and deliver transformational results.

Measurement & Evaluation

Our evaluation methods and follow-up sessions offer a fresh perspective on your progress. You’ll gain insight into how far you’ve come, what obstacles are hindering further progress, and how to overcome them for significant and meaningful results.

Professional Development

Key Features of Professional Development Training

Our Consultants are here to lend you a hand and guide you toward success.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Attention To Detail

We know that the secret to success lies in the details. With our keen eye for creativity and small nuances, we optimize your training to create a user experience that’s truly engaging and effective.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Gain focus on ROI Maximization

Our custom training solutions incorporate a strategic framework, streamlined production techniques, and advanced technology to enable scalable and tailored training that guarantees a return on investment for your training efforts.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Reduce costs

We assess business requirements and determine whether creating content from scratch is necessary. Through our eLearning modernization techniques, we can update and improve existing learning content, ensuring that it remains relevant and up-to-date. This approach can help save a significant amount of costs.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Drive Custom Requirements

Our customized learning content delivery precisely aligns with the specific business needs, whether it is for introducing a new product or educating the sales team about new features.

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