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Product Owner Excellence

Our SAFe®-based Product Owner Mentor Bootcamp focuses on essential topics and aims to enhance your practical skills in SAFe® as a Product Owner. This bootcamp will help you navigate and operate skillfully as a Product Owner by learning SAFe® best practices and practical implementation lessons from our SAFe® Practice Consultants.

Are you looking to jumpstart your career as a Product Owner? Look no further than the 7Sparx™ Product Owner Mentoring Bootcamp. It is designed by experienced SAFe® coaches and offers a unique mentorship opportunity tailored to meet market demands. Don’t miss out on this chance to take your career to the next level with the 7Sparx™ Product Owner Mentoring Bootcamp.

Join us on this exciting journey to unlock your potential as a Product Owner!

SAFe & Agile Leadership Training

We’re here to empower you with the needed skills to become a successful product owner!

At 7Sparx™, we leverage SAFe® best practices to provide comprehensive guidance to Product Owners in the realm of Agile product development, and empowering them to excel in their role. Our primary objective is to coach professionals on various essential topics that significantly contribute to the success of a Product Owner.

Bootcamp Outline

Our Product Owner Mentoring Bootcamp is available as both a public and private offering, spanning 4 weeks with weekly 2-hours sessions. During this immersive program, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into the following key areas of focus within the role of a Product Owner:

  • Conducting market and user research, as well as competitor analysis.
  • Creating a product vision and goals.
  • Lean Startup and MVP validation with the hypothesis.
  • Using impact mapping for developing a product roadmap.
  • Difference between product management and development.
  • Using Lean UX and user experience mapping to enhance digital products.
  • Reaching customers through personas and empathy mapping.
  • Visualizing products with customer-journey mapping exercises.
  • Managing agile product delivery with value stream mapping.
  • Prioritizing work with user stories and story mapping.
  • Ordering product backlog based on size, value, and risk.
  • Planning and managing releases in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • The vital role of a Product Owner in SAFe®.
Scrum Master Online Mentoring Program

Experience Matters

7Sparx™ is a Scaled Agile Silver Transformation Partner and equipped with the right resources to fast-track SAFe® adoption at the enterprise level. Across various industries, we have trained & supported individuals going through SAFe® implementation in different contexts. We firmly believe that experience matters, and the team of experienced SAFe® Practice Consultants (SPCs) at 7Sparx™ is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Ideal Candidate

The program is open to everyone who wants to learn and enhance their skills related to the above learning objective. Nonetheless, it may be beneficial for the following individuals:

  • You have recently acquired a SAFe® Product Owner Certification and struggled to start your journey as a Product Owner.
  • You have started as a Product Owner but need help with old or invalid practices you and your team demonstrated.
  • You have an agile role within your product team and want to move into the Product Owner role.

Bootcamp Features

SAFe® Coaching Program

Avail SAFe® Practice Consultants

We ensure the highest standards of competence and communication. Our online SAFe® Practice Consultants offer in-depth practical knowledge based on SAFe® best practices.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Hands-on industry experience

Receive expert guidance to enhance your SAFe® skills. Collaborate with industry-experienced SAFe® Practice Consultants to gain firsthand insights into applications and lessons.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Learn from peers in the group

Expand your SAFe® skills with expert guidance. Learn from brilliant minds and collaborate with peers to broaden your knowledge.

SAFe® Coaching Program

Cancel at any time

Retain the flexibility to pause, continue, or end your mentoring bootcamp as desired. Grow with confidence as an agile professional.

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