3rd Party Service Providers

We depend on 3rd party entities (“Service Providers”) that process our commercial services and customers data for a business purpose. Such Services Providers perform certain services for Seven Sparx Training LLC in connection with customers usage of our Services and websites.

We may share data from our customers or online users with the 3rd party Services Providers so that they can perform their services or complete our online users or websites requests. These 3rd party services providers may share additional data with Seven Sparx Training that they obtain from or about you in relation to providing their services or completing our customers or websites users’ requests. 3rd party providers may also share this information with their subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control.

Seven Sparx Training LLC discloses the below types of data for commercial purposes to its Service Providers:

  • Personal Identifiers; such as full name, physical address, Internet Protocol address, and email address.
  • Business Purpose; Performing services on behalf of Seven Sparx Training LLC such as maintaining or servicing accounts, commercial transaction, processing orders & payments, providing marketing and analytic services.
  • Commercial Information; such as information on purchased, acquired, or considered products or services, and other historical purchases or consumptions.
  • Internet Activity; related to users and customers interactions with Seven Sparx Training LLC websites Services.
  • Professional/Employment Information; related to users’ place of work.
  • Data Security Information; related to detecting security incidents, protecting against malicious activities, deceptive, fraudulent, false or illegal actions.
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