Data Retention Policy

The time period for keeping website users or customers information that we collect depends on the sort of information processed, as described in detail below. Usually, after such time periods described below, Seven Sparx Training LLC will either delete or anonymize users’ and customers information or, if this is not achievable, then Seven Sparx Training LLC will save and store the information and isolate it from any further usage until complete deletion is permissible.

  • Reasonable Interest: Seven Sparx Training LLC keep personally-identifiable data that users or customers provide to us while there is an ongoing sincere business need to do so (i.e., requirements to confirm users or customers’ certification with Authorized Learning Providers, contacting users or customers about a specific Business Services, compliance with Seven Sparx Training LLC legal obligations or resolving certain disputes and enforce binding agreements).
  • No Reasonable Interest: When Seven Sparx Training LLC has no continuing sincere business needs to process users or customers data, we aim to securely delete the information or anonymize it or, if this is not permissible, then Seven Sparx Training LLC will securely save and store users or customers personally-identifiable data and isolate it from any further processing until deletion is permissible. Seven Sparx Training LLC will delete this personally-identifiable information from its databases at an earlier date if users or customer made a special request.
  • Marketing Communication: If users or customers opted to receive marketing communications from Seven Sparx Training LLC, we keep information about users or customers marketing preferences for a period of time. This time period can stretch from the date when the users or customers last expressed interest in Seven Sparx Training LLC content, products, or services to several months.

Users and customers can withdraw their consent to receive marketing communications and request a halt for any marketing processing activities by Seven Sparx Training LLC. Seven Sparx Training LLC retain data transmitted from cookies (text files) and other web services tracking technologies (i.e., social networking) for a reasonable period of time from the date such information was created.

For any questions, please contact us on mentioned below details. Seven Sparx Training LLC. personnel will examine and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes related to the use and disclosure of personally-identifiable data in accordance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Principles.

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