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Farrah Koudsi

Farrah is a certified International Trainer and Consultant. She has over 20 years of experience in managing, consulting and facilitating training in Soft Skills; Certified in Management, and Leadership, as well as Sales and Emotional Intelligence. Farrah is certified on Instructional Design and E-learning content development. She is also an Agilist. Farrah is SAFE certified Agilist across multiple domains that software technology application development processes such DevOps.

Furthermore, Farrah’s training experience involves many sectors like the Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Banking, IT, Private Sectors, and Real-Estate. She is well seasoned when it comes to cultural awareness and applying the proper teaching methods according to the area. Farrah work experience and training spans across multiple geographies and countries like Canada, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Philippines, Thailand, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, France, Italy and the United States. Adding to the above, Farrah has the expertise in educational training & course designs and materials to fit customized training needs. Farrah is expert in developing training course instructions, and e-learning videos and can also produce e-learning materials as needed.

Charlie Brown

Charlie loves Agile! he was using agile thoughts throughout my 30-year career in software development and when he found Agile, he was amazed that they were saying some of the same things he was using. He began to see how they took the ideas that he had, short iterations and protecting the teams, and went far beyond his original ideas. He was agile before Agile existed! He began to train as a ScrumMaster and then an Agile Coach.

Charlie began his journey is Agile in 2010 and has been loving it ever since. He is a SAFe Agile Coach, with an ICAGILE Certified Professional – Agile Coaching and an ICAGILE Certified Professional Agile Coaching. He also has a Certified Scrum Master certification with Scrum Alliance and an ICAgile Certified Professional certification. Charlie has worked extensively in the Remote Agile environment. He formerly hosted an online monthly presentation series with the Agile 3D Distributed Study Group Meetup Group.

As an Agile Coach SPC4, an Agile ScrumMaster, an ICAgile Certified Professional, and an Innovation Games Certified Orange Belt Collaboration Architect, he specializes in helping people in different roles work better together. He wants to help teams work faster and be better at responding to change whether they are remote/distributed or local.

Specialties: SAFe, Agile, Scrum, Java, Cucumber, C, C++, Some Ruby on Rails, Embedded systems, Troubleshooting, Windows, Linux, UNIX, OS-X, Remote/distributed Tools: Sococo and Zoom, Trello and Lean kit, Agile Tools: Jira and VersionOne

Nigel Fan

Nigel has been involved in Leadership, Sales and Customer Service Development for the past 25 years. He has worked with large financial institutions, trading and manufacturing, logistic, pharmaceuticals, property developers and the hospitality sector. In the last three years, Nigel has worked intensely with the oil and gas industry in Leadership Development. He has delivered training programs in most parts of the world including the UK, USA, many countries in Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, all the countries in the GCC and Middle East.

Nigel Fann was the CEO and founder of Sun Learning Systems, a UAE, Dubai based training company specializing in offering certified soft skills training. He also serves on the Board of Regents of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers at the Business School at the James Madison University. He is a Certified Manager, a Certified Professional Leader and a Certified Sales Professional. He lives with his wife in Dubai, UAE and in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Colin Johansen

Colin has over 30 years of senior management experience in a range of industries predominately in the private sector, as a senior executive in two of the world’s largest automotive companies, Nippondenso – Toyota Motors Group and Paccar (both Fortune 500 Global Companies).

Having a background in training and development through-out his career, Colin utilized his experience in this area to be the  CEO for one of the largest private training institutes in Australia for a number of years, before moving in to the policy and administration area of the Australian Governments Department of Education, Science and Training, where he was a major contributor to policy development, strategic planning and implementation of a number of new programs, and reforms to the Vocational Education & Training sector.

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