January 21, 2018

International Institute of Leadership Studies

IILS, international institute of leadership studies,

IILS, International Institute of Leadership Studies,

Global Education & Development of Leaders at all Levels


The International Institute of Leadership Studies gives organizations and individuals the tools and learning opportunities to develop leaders at all levels.

What the world needs more that anything right now are better and more capable leaders. We offer a range of certifications for all professionals. These programs are available via in-house lectures and workshops as well as online self-study through our virtual campus provided by our partner; The Center for Leadership Certification™.

Certification is met through online exams and assessments.




What is the CS?
The Certified Supervisor (CS) is course that prepares participants to be supervisors in a challenging modern workplace. It is based on the premise that organizational variables including diversity in the workforce, computer and communication technology, and the design of organization structures are constantly changing. Overall, this program focuses on discussing important supervision concepts and providing fundamental skills necessary for applying these concepts. Students will learn the critical role of a supervisor in an organization and the abilities needed to be successful.



What is the CCS?
Certified Customer Server accredited by International Institute of Leadership Studies is an industry-driven and endorsed credential that help employers distinguish and recognize qualified customer service professionals, and help define career advancement opportunities for participants. By earning the professional certification in customer service, candidates can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in work areas that employer’s value and exhibit commitment to professional growth.



What is the CSM?
Today, everyone is selling something. How many of your employees delight and have the needed skills to retain existing clients and attract new ones? Is your sales team trained to be all they can be and to grow your business?
This program is designed to pass on knowledge and skills gained through years of experience working in the field. In this ever-changing environment there are always new skills and ideas that would aid a salesperson with their meetings and communications with clients and customers.
Empower your Team Members to be the Best. Enrich their working environment.
Create a Think Tank and Knowledge Share. Improve your Customer Retention.
Retain the business that is Vital your company. Greater Communication Greater Teamwork.


What is CBL?
The Certified Business Leader Program is a professional training program sponsored by the International Institute of Leadership Studies (the IILS). The CBL Program develops and enhances general management skills and prepares individuals to take the CBL Certification exams.
Leadership is vitally important in organizations today. The world is changing so fast that many organizations and even countries are getting left behind because they do not have true leadership. There is a scarcity of leadership in the world. Organizations have too few leaders.
We need leaders who can be role models and be willing to develop the leaders of tomorrow and not hold on to their power, but share it.
We need leaders who have vision and can inspire that vision in others. Those who can put that picture of the future that is in their mind into the mind of their followers.
We need leaders who will remove the obstacles out of the path of their followers and develop them – not trip them up.
We need leaders who are not afraid to ask the difficult questions. Those who challenge convention and do not always accept the status quo.
We need leaders who can create an environment that people want to work in; an environment where autonomy, feedback, job significance
and job identity are the order of the day. Where employees
feel welcome, wanted and valued for whom they are for and what they contribute.


What is the CPL?
The Certified Professional Leader is a program that uses a highly interactive approach to explore Leadership Development. By blending behavior theory, practical application, and personalized learning, participants are encouraged to develop their full potential as a leader and to become the kind of leader they always wanted to be. The Program’s applied approach combines behavior theory with business practice, as each section focuses on central concepts and skills in an important area of leadership development. It teaches concepts, principles, and skills of leadership in a way that is appropriate for both new and experienced leaders, as well as for the everyday person who must influence others to get things done.


Empowering Every Individual

The IILS encourages leadership that empowers and elevates every individual.

By focusing on programs that develop personal awareness through the mastery of emotional, moral, and social intelligence we change how leadership evolves worldwide. Today leaders must consider not only profitability, but also the sustainability of planet and people. We believe a balanced approach that takes advantage of modern globalization can achieve all three of these goals.

By creating a global network of training partners who follow the IILS standards of excellence through a commitment to lifelong learning, we create a common curriculum that expands according to the input provided by our students, partners, members and educators.

Our network directly contributes to our “global benchmark” that truly is international in nature and still relevant to the individual on a local level.

The IILS was established as an organization of learning where great minds could contribute to the global evolution of education and development through an expanding membership base worldwide. We strive to expand the benefits to our community of organizations, professionals and educators.

We are proud of our training partnership with the IILS. If you would like further information on this course email me on f.koudsi@7sparx.com or click HERE for more information on the IILS Certification Programs.