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Leadership & Management

Our top course. Let me train you in the essential skills of Leadership & Management so you can plan, execute and delegate to achieve success at work and in the home

Go to Institute of Certified Professional Managers

Institute of Certified Professional Managers

The Certified Manager (CM) Program is a professional training program offered by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM). The CM Program develops management skills and prepares individuals to take the CM Management Certification exams

Go to International Institute of Leadership Studies

International Institute of Leadership Studies

The International Institute of Leadership Studies gives organizations and individuals the tools and learning opportunities to develop leaders at all levels by offering a range of Certification Programs

Go to Customer Care

Customer Care

Getting customers is only half the story. Keeping them and ensuring they are happy with the service you are providing is the other half. I’ll show you how to find, develop and retain your customers so they keep coming back and refer others to you too

Go to Prioritizing & Managing self

Prioritizing & Managing self

It’s all too easy to take on new projects and try to do everything yourself. Emails, phone calls, business development, customer meetings… The list goes on. I’ll show you how to identify what’s important to complete now and what can be done later or even tomorrow

Go to emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the capability of individuals to recognize their own, and other people’s emotions, to identify different feelings and use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior

About Us

Our Mission: Enable People to Gain Valuable Life Skills Through Training that is Both Fun and Effective

Struggling to meet the demands of your family or your employer–or both?

Want to be more assertive and learn to communicate more effectively?

Wish you had greater power and control over your life?

I'll help you develop the skills you need to get more out of life, your career and yourself.

My name is Farrah Koudsi and for many years I've given employees in large corporations expert training in areas like leadership and time management.

In my experience, I discovered that there are 7 distinct teaching methods proven to be being highly effective. However, each method works differently for different people. Some clients like to "learn by doing" for example, while others prefer to learn through visual methods.

My Exclusive 7Sparx™ Program combines these teaching methods to determine which of the following 7 teaching approaches works best for you. I'll then create a customized program based on the methods you prefer. As a result, you'll have a lot more fun while learning and because you'll enjoy a variety of different methods, you'll never get bored!

But creating and delivering these exciting programs isn't something I do on my own. I have a team of international training partners who work alongside me. They are experts with a wealth of experience from the corporate business sector through to training and development - we are truly global coming from Australia to the Middle East and South Africa to the US; my partners bring diversity and an international dimension to our training. Check out our team page for more details!


This method is for those who prefer to learn by using pictures, images, diagrams, colors, and mind maps.


These “learn-by-doing” people enjoy drawing diagrams, using various physical objects, and engaging in role playing.


Here the emphasis is on using sound, rhythms, music, recordings, clever rhymes, and so on.


If you prefer using words, both in speech and in writing, to help you learn, this method makes the most of word-based techniques, scripting, and reading content out loud.


This approach is for you if you’d rather use logic, reasoning, and “systems” to explain or understand concepts. This will help you understand the reasons behind the learning, and will give you the ability to understand the bigger picture.


These people are the ones who enjoy learning in groups or with other people. They also aim to work with others as much as possible.


The solitary learner prefers to learn alone and through self-study.

our TEAM

Our Capable, Friendly And Highly Qualified Instructors

Farrah Koudsi CM, CSP – USA

CEO & Training Director
I would love to hear from you and to see how I can customize a training program based on your individual needs. Please send me an email at or better yet, just call me at the number listed below. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Manaf Almuhandis – QATAR

HR Consultant & Trainer
Manaf is a highly experienced HR consultant and trainer who brings his speciality to the team

reham elkhalifa – Egypt

Consultant & Trainer
Reham is a very dynamic instructor with over 15 years extensive training experience

Colin A Johansen – Australia & UAE

Consultant & Trainer
Colin has over 25 years of senior management experience in a range of industries predominately in the private sector, as a senior executive in two of the world’s largest automotive companies, Nippondenso – Toyota Motors Group and Kenworth (both Fortune 500 Global Companies).

Nigel Fann – South Africa & UAE

Consultant & Trainer
Nigel, is an Organizational Behavior Specialist with 24 years experience in training and consulting. He’s worked in South Africa, USA, Egypt and Dubai (including all GCC countries). Nigel has designed sales training accredited by the Canadian Professional Sales Association.